NEW SERVICE - Hidden Camera/Listening Device Detector/Portable RF Scanner and Vehicle Tracking System

Hidden camera detectors integrates 5-in-1 multifunctional detection modes enabling precise detection of any hidden devices including RF eavesdroppers, pinhole cameras and audio/video monitoring equipment.  Protect your privacy with our professional hidden device detector and avoid any intrusion into your personal space by anyone.  


If you feel that your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful and you need to know the truth, Back-Track Investigations offers you an invaluable service to put your mind at ease. Our discreet and professional investigators will conduct surveillance on your spouse/significant other while documenting their activities away from you with the latest in surveillance equipment. If they are being unfaithful, the results of our investigation will assist you in moving forward.  Our investigative reports have been very well recognized in the legal system.


Back-Track Investigations are hired to locate missing persons or individuals who have failed to pay spousal/child maintenance on a regular basis by both private individuals and law firms with a very high success rate.


Back-Track Investigations has been involved in numerous investigations of this nature. 

For example: It is unlawful for anyone to smoke in a vehicle when there is a minor present.  Back-Track Investigations was instrumental in removing a child from the custody of it’s parent when it was videotaped that the parent who shared custody actually was smoking in the vehicle when the minor was present.

For example: A young Mother who shared custody of her three and five-year old stated in a court of law that she did not drink alcohol when she was with the children and did not drive under the influence.  Back-Track Investigations was able to video this person leaving her children unsupervised when she went in to a bar to purchase liquor and also when she was playing ball.  She was observed to be drinking excessively while watching the outdoor ball game with her children unsupervised in the area and was videotaped driving after the game with children in the vehicle.  

Back-Track Investigations has a proven success rate in this type of investigation where it is impossible to document abuse inside the home.


It is very common for individuals to request DNA testing on items that could confirm a DNA profile. Back-Track Investigations works closely with many laboratory facilities for the purpose of testing samples provided by clients and our investigators. We also specialize in gathering DNA samples; for example collecting a cigarette butt or a used coffee cup etc. or many other items that could have a DNA sample. We work with the laboratory to test samples for our clients for cases ranging from paternity testing to the presence of a farm chemical on crop samples.


Ever been unhappy with a defective item you purchased or substandard services you hired?  At Back-Track Investigations we deal with consumer complaints of any nature, assisting the consumer to  receive the compensation that you are entitled to.  Utilizing our extensive investigative experience, we assist the client by summarizing the information accurately in a professional report to support possible litigation or out of court settlements. Due to Back-Track Investigations comprehensive documentation, our clients rarely have to proceed with litigation to receive the compensation they are entitled to.


Vandalism is a very common crime that has increased substantially and can happen to your business, your residence, your vehicle, or other properties. Back-Track Investigations can monitor the area in which the vandalism has occurred by conducting surveillance and conducting interviews with anyone who may have witnessed the vandalism in question. Once the evidence has been collected the report can be used to proceed in the legal system if required.


Back-Track Investigations investigates employee behavior and performance on a regular basis.
Example: Joe is the owner of a major manufacturing plant in which heavy machinery is used. He suspects Brian, one of his employees, is smoking marijuana on his breaks and coming back to work under the influence.
At Back-Track Investigations we will conduct internal investigations to determine the persons responsible for frauds, thefts and breaches of security and employees who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. We are often requested to conduct interviews and obtain statements from witnesses to alleged criminal activities.


At Back-Track Investigations we will discreetly monitor the use of company vehicles by employees. We conduct an intense surveillance to assure that the driver in question is following all company policies while using the company vehicle. We have documented numerous cases of alcohol and drug use, aggressive driving and personal use of the company vehicle in question; to mention a few incidents documented over the years.


At Back-Track Investigations we have documented numerous WCB and/or Insurance Disability claims by performing a discreet surveillance/investigation. Our clients consist of Insurance Companies; Business Owners; and Law Firms. We have a very high success rate in verifying fraudulent disability claims.


At Back-Track Investigations we have assisted numerous clients in verifying employee theft. We were able to obtain information that confirmed our client’s suspicions by performing discreet investigations.


In the past 25 years Back-Track Investigations has had many clients hire us to interview individuals to gather all types of information that would be beneficial to them as well as to the legal system.


Back-Track Investigations has had many clients retain our services to verify the individual that they are corresponding on line are who they are. For an example: ‘Jane’ is being told by ‘Joe’ that he is single, owns a successful business, and is very wealthy. Our investigation verified that ‘Joe’ is married, did not own a business of any sort and was not financially secure.


Back-Track Investigations has performed many undercover investigations that the individual in question had no clue that they were talking to an investigator. We have gathered a great deal of information doing this and was extremely helpful to the client.


In the past few years there has been a steady increase of consumer complaints about poor workmanship and neglect on the part of the Contractor. Back-Track Investigations will interview the homeowner, take relevant video and still photos to document the complaint. The Investigator will also attempt to contact the Contractor in question in an effort to assist the homeowner to resolve the situation. Due to our investigative services, many of our clients have successfully settled their complaint without going through the legal system.



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