Discretion is our Profession

Back-Track Investigations Surveillance / Equipment

Back-Track Investigations Ltd.'s investigative services give you access to the information and intelligence you need to make critical corporate decisions.

Many companies use professional investigators to get immediate assistance that is tailored to their specific needs. Local law enforcement are overworked, and do not have the resources to give the personalized service companies expect and deserve.

Property Vandalism

We can customize vehicles to suit your situation.

We have up-to-date Night-Vision cameras.

A wide assortment of cameras including;

  • Time-lapse Recorders
  • 1400X Zoom Cameras
  • Wireless Pinhole Cameras
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Undercover Disguises
  • Surveillance Vans

We also have covert body-worn video equipment
and long distance video and pictures

Spousal Infidelity

If you feel that your spouse is being unfaithful and you need to know the truth, Back-Track Investigations Ltd. offers you an invaluable service to put your mind at ease. Our discreet and professional investigators will follow your spouse while documenting their activities away from you with the latest in surveillance equipment. We use pinhole and body-worn video equipment, as well as surveillance vans for surveillance of a residence or other location. We also utilize night-vision cameras for evening surveillance. If they are being unfaithful, we will catch them in the act!

At Back-Track Investigations Ltd. we have a very excellent track record and strive for complete customer satisfaction. Our statistics show that individuals suspicious of their spouse's behaviour are right almost 95% of the time. If you want to put your mind at ease, don't hesitate to call us!

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