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Back-Track Investigations Consumer Complaints

Ever been unhappy with a defective item you purchased or substandard services you hired? At Back-Track Investigations Ltd., we deal with consumer complaints of any nature, ensuring that you, the consumer, receive the compensation you deserve.

Example: Patrick hired a local contractor to renovate his home. The contractor's ad had stated that he had over 20 years experience in home renovation, and Patrick trusted him. However, the contractor did not do a proper job and, in fact, never completed the job. Due to Back-Track Investigations' comprehensive investigation, Patrick received compensation previously denied from the contractor, which covered the cost of the completed renovation.

Example: Jonathan bought a box of frozen ice cream treats from a grocery store. When he started to eat one of the treats, he bit down on a solid metal cylinder, which had been concealed inside. The metal object damaged one of Jonathan's teeth, which had to be extracted by an oral surgeon. Back-Track Investigations Ltd. conducted an intense investigation and assisted Jonathan in getting compensation not only for his dental bills, but also the pain & suffering caused by the incident.

Example: Janet bought a used vehicle from a local used car dealership. When she purchased the vehicle, the odometer read 159,275 kilometres. However, when she took the vehicle in for repairs to the Ford dealership, it was revealed that the individual who sold the vehicle to the used car dealership had tampered with the odometer. Back-Track Investigations Ltd. thoroughly investigated the situation, discovering that the vehicle actually had 275,344 kilometres on it. We then assisted Janet in collecting compensation for the vehicle and the deception.

Utilizing our extensive investigative experience, we assist the client by summarizing the information accurately in a professional report to support possible litigation or out of court settlements. Due to Back-Track Investigation Ltd.'s comprehensive documentation, our clients rarely have to proceed with litigation to receive the compensation they are entitled to.

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