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Back-Track Investigations Company Information

Confidential, Professional and Discreet 24-Hour Service, 7 Days a Week

Experienced Male and Female Private Investigators

Regular Updates on Your Investigation

Locally Owned and Operated

Our Clients include law firms, corporations and individuals, both nationwide and out of country,
with letters of reference available upon request.

Due to our services, many clients have received full compensation.

Rates are negotiable depending upon the length, nature and risk of your case.

Here are a few of our letters of reference:

Wheatheart Mfg. Ltd.
Unger Roofing Ltd.
Murray Aitken
John and Joyce Woodworth
Trent Richards
Greg Soyka
C. Winslow
James Olson
Helen Frey
Sharon Ide

civil & domestic consumer complaints corporate & criminal surveillance & equipment